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Yoga is a way to bring body, spirit and soul in harmony. It is an opportunity to master everyday problems and health issues.

A certain amount of life energy arises through the traditional physical exercise, breathing techniques and different forms of relaxation and meditation.

You learn how to breathe correctly, the body and soul widens and become more flexible and you experience your own limitations and you will learn how to transform them.

From Yoga we are pleased to present a great plan for the bridge in May!

We intend to form a group of maximum 10-15 people for 5 days to an intensive yoga in Erg Chebbi dunes Merzouga,southern Morocco.

The main theme of the trip is to share experience of love and respect for the earth,in this case for a truly magica place traveled by nomadic ethinc groups,gateway to the sahara desert,ancient caravan route that still today continue touring the desert roads.

The yoga practice will make the dawn and dusk,taking plenty of time to enjoy the conviviality of the group and hospitality of the locals,delicious teas and music.

We expect a blanket of stars without light pollution silent meditations way of the dunes,nights in the camp.

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